My Review Policy

Since my Review Policy Page won’t load, I thought I would delicately place it here for the time being…

Review Policy



General Information:

I am currently accepting any books for review, although I gravitate towards Young Adult and Adult Fiction.  I rarely read non-fiction except for memoirs of which I would give special consideration.

Although I prefer print copies and ARCS, I also read e-book formats and love reviewing audio books.  I also review indie/self-published books.  I will not review downloaded files.  I will review books that are not current if I find them interesting.

*I typically only read a book for review if it is something I would read on my own, judging by the synopsis.  If you would like to contact me first before sending it to me, I will be honest and tell you if I will read it and attempt to give you an estimated time of the review.  Any books given to me that I don’t read will be given away in a giveaway or will be donated to a local library.

Even though I give an estimated time of review, I cannot guarantee this date and reserve the right to change it at any time.

Honestly, I’m not picky and love reading books suggested by others.  If you really want me to review your book, just ask me and I’ll be honest if I’m interested.  If I read a book and I really, really don’t like it, I am more than likely going to contact the author instead of writing a horrific review.  As an author I know how painful it is to receive harsh criticism on something you are so passionate about.  That being said, I will only give honest reviews.

Review Scale:

Although I will give a star rating on each book, I will most importantly give it a special title based on my reaction to the book and several factors.  For example:

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars Took My Heart on a Rocket Ship Past Okay! MUST READ NOW!

Followed up by specific things that I noticed in the book, without giving away spoilers.  For example:

Augustus with his cigarette behind his ear and Hazel Grace’s obsession with knowing what happens after a book ends…who thinks up this stuff?  Only John Green!

Also, most of my reviews will be cross posted on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.  Once I start BookTube videos this summer, reviews will also be on YouTube.

I think the star rating system is pretty self explanatory…

My goal is to pass along books that I think everyone should read…thus The Fault in Our Stars analogy.  Now Carry On! (Did you see what I just did there??)


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