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Hey there!
My name is Peter and I am an author, life coach, dreamer, finger painter, night swimmer and most importantly, a book addict. I am obsessed with full moons, country summer carnivals, late night drives, coffee from South America and anything to do with books.

When I was a little kid my mom would take me to the library and let me pick out as many books as I could carry, which typically meant my arms were full of books much too heavy for my little arms. But week after week I became more obsessed with reading and finished every book I checked out of the library.

As I grew up and life got tougher, books became my escape. In middle school, I remember dashing off of the bus and running down the street, excited to get home and get back to a book I had left waiting for me on the kitchen table. At school I spent many lunches hidden in the library and the school librarians were always my friend.

Weirdo? Maybe, but I believe there is a special, magical world where only true bookies live and I am honored to be a resident.

Because of my absolute love of books and my obsession with book reviews, book bloggers, booktubers and bookstagram I thought it was my time to give it a try. Anything personal you’d like to know about me can be found on me personal website PeterMonn.com

Much love and thanks for sharing in my obsession!